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Why should cat food be high in protein?

Cat food must have a high percentage of protein because your body is prepared to transform this nutrient into essential amino acids and glucose that it cannot get otherwise.

Thanks to the protein you consume in your diet, you can stay healthy, have healthy and strong muscles, a shiny coat and a very active attitude.

Why does the cat need more protein than other animals?

Think for a moment, what would your cat eat if it were free?

Surely you are thinking that it would be hunting small rodents or birds.

Yes, it is so, and the fundamental reason for its instinct to hunt is that its nature is adequate to transform animal source proteins into certain essential acids and glucose that it cannot obtain in any other way.

When comparing the cat with other mammals, it is distinguished that they have unique nutritional requirements. On the one hand, the liver of cats can catalyze proteins and transform them into special essential acids, such as arginine and taurine.

Which they cannot get directly or from other nutrients. Among the essential functions of taurine is the production of bile, regulation of salt and water within cells. It is also an important antioxidant and serves as a neurotransmitter, among many other functions.

Glucose, used as energy, is another nutrient that the cat obtains from the proteins it eats. In addition, the speed of their metabolism is much higher than that of other mammalian species such as dogs. For all these reasons, cats' diets should include a high percentage of protein.

What happens if the cat does not have a diet with a high protein level?

When the amount of protein is not enough, the cat's body begins to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Physically you can gain weight from excess fat and lose muscle mass.

And, perhaps, the most important thing is that if you do not reach your optimal protein level, your immune defense is lowered and you are more prone to viral diseases or pathologies associated with being overweight, such as diabetes.

On the other hand, the intake of excess protein also leads to some health disorders. Among them are pathologies associated with a lack of calcium.

Visually your figure should show a slight waist at the end of the rib cage when viewed from above. When palpating his body, we should easily notice his ribs and a slight layer of fat.

What is the right amount of protein?

As the cat is a strict carnivore, its diet is based on the consumption of small animals, so its proportion of proteins is very high compared to other nutrients.

As a reference, a baby cat should consume a diet where 30% is protein. While an adult cat, to receive its adequate quota, its diet must include 35% protein.

In addition, 90% of the proteins included in your diet should be of animal origin, without taking into account the bones, tendons and cartilage.

Therefore, it is necessary to read the labels of commercial pet foods carefully because most include a higher percentage of carbohydrates.

By following these percentages of nutrients, we will ensure that our favorite pet has a complete and balanced diet, with the adequate supply of nutrients and vitamins that guarantee the cat's health.

In this way we will be sure that the cat is covering its basic nutritional needs. If we notice that you are overweight, we should reduce calories and increase the amount of protein and fiber.

Where to buy quality food for our pets?

In omnipets you will find food with high quality ingredients. A mixture designed for the health of each species according to its stage. With a perfect balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that protect you from obesity, digestive problems and increase your natural immune defense.

For cats under 1 year of age, we recommend Kitten with 33% protein and Cats with 31% protein for your pet over one year of age.

Remember that the health of pets also depends on the cleanliness of the home. Cats need to have a healthy environment around them to be happy.

What types of cat litter exist?

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