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What kind of birds are canaries?

Canaries are small birds and popular as pets, they are known for their pleasant, melodic song and for the color of their plumage that can vary in orange, yellow, red, green and blue colors. They are birds that can measure between 12 -14 centimeters, have a conical beak and short legs.

How should we care for canaries?

Mainly to take care of a canary we must provide it with a cage large enough so that it can fly inside it. The hygiene of the cage must be maintained, cleaning it every day. Removing the remains of food and droppings and washing the containers with hot water and soap.

Canaries need natural light during the day to maintain their proper sleep-wake cycle. It is advisable to place the cage in a place where it receives indirect sunlight. The ideal room temperature for canaries is around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Avoid exposing them to cold air currents or sudden changes in temperature.

What kind of food is recommended for canaries?

Canaries require a balanced and varied diet to stay healthy. Although birdseed is an important part of their diet, it does not provide all the necessary nutrients that these small birds need. Giving a good mix of seeds that contains, in addition to birdseed, flax, millet, oats will help the canaries have a strong immune system.

What kind of food do newborn canaries require?

Newborn canaries must be offered a balanced mix of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for their growth. Certain foods that satisfy these requirements are breeding paste: it is a food specifically formulated to provide the nutritional needs of young canaries or the egg porridge.

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