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What differences exist between bentonite sand and diatomite stone?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Bentonite sand and diatomite stone are the most chosen to fill the sanitary beds of cats. Although they seem similar to you, there are several important differences between them that can make you change your mind.

Below we tell you what are the similarities and disadvantages that exist between both types of sanitary stones for cats.

Cats have personalities and use sanitary beds to hide their scent. If you do not convince them, they will look for another place in the house. In short, they are the ones who will choose between one or the other. But it is important to know the differences to offer you the best from the first moment.

Bentonite sand

One of the best known cat litters is bentonite. Its fame is due to the main characteristic of agglutinating liquid and solid. What facilitates the extraction of urine and feces from the sanitary bed with a simple shovel.

The clean sand is totally separated from the dirty one, therefore, when we separate the feces and the urine, only the clean bentonite without odors remains. They are available in different textures, according to the size of the stones and with or without aromas.

Here we offer you quality bentonite. One of the best bentonites is found in the Biostones brand. These are stones from 1 to 3 mm. This size and round shape prevents them from sticking to cats' paws. They are non-toxic and have the peculiarity of being ultra-binding.

Another highly recommended brand is Omnicats, which offers bentonite extracted from the Andes. Therefore, it is a 100% natural and ecological product with a high binder level. It controls strong odors very well and this effect can be enhanced with flavourings.

Just like Cat Litter, natural binder premium bentonite mined from the Andes.

With bentonite litter, rapid absorption of feces and urine is ensured. Controlling bad odors at the same time. The cat's sanitary bed will remain dry, because it will bind the waste so that it can be easily eliminated.

Advantages of using bentonite

  • The texture of bentonite is very similar to sand or earth, so it looks familiar to the cat.

  • When it comes into contact with urine or feces, it agglomerates, allowing them to be separated simply with a shovel.

  • It is not necessary to change all the sand, only the used part is removed, so it lasts longer.

  • Savings in the use of bentonite because there is no need to change the entire bed daily.

  • Generates less odor in the environment.

Disadvantages of using bentonite as cat litter

  • It generates dust, which can give cats allergies or respiratory problems.

  • If it is not of quality, it can be stuck to the bottom of the sanitary bed.

Diatomite stone or silica sand

Diatomite is another type of litter for sanitary beds that is frequently used. It is silica gel, the same one that is found inside the packaging of electrical appliances or similar products to prevent moisture from coming into contact with objects.

Precisely because of this characteristic, these silica balls are chosen to fill cat sanitary beds. The liquid evaporates and the intense odors are absorbed by the diatomite stones.

Cat Litter offers premium diatomite, 100% natural, since it is extracted in the Argentine Patagonia. The microporous composition of the interior of the minerals blocks the reproduction of bacteria and germs, neutralizing bad odours.

Advantages of using diatomite stone in sanitary beds

  • The cat litter stays dry without giving off an odour, even if feces and urine are not removed.

  • Does not produce dust.

  • It is light.

  • It is economically profitable.

Disadvantages of using diatomite stone in sanitary beds

  • The beads are so hard that some cats can't get used to them.

  • In addition, when moving them they produce a noise that for some cats is annoying.

With the advantages and disadvantages of using bentonite sand and diatomite stone mentioned, we want to help you choose the most convenient for you and of course your favorite pet.

Remember that Omnipets you will find quality products, not only in litter for sanitary beds, but also nutritional formulas for birds, dogs and cats.

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