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What are the benefits of using Zeolite in litter boxes?

One of the stones used in litter boxes is natural zeolite. Thanks to the properties of this mineral, it has many applications and many benefits from its use.

What is zeolite?

There is a wide variety of zeolites, more than 40 different types, but they all have the essential characteristic of having a microporous structure that gives them the property of being absorbent.

It also has a great cation exchange capacity, due to its charge imbalance produced by the Si and Al ratio in its structure.

Thanks to this particularity, it not only absorbs water molecules but also some heavy metal cations, such as mercury, nickel or arsenic. At the same time it releases calcium, magnesium and phosphate.

With these properties, this natural stone has a wide variety of applications in agriculture, environment, animal and human health. With the particularity of being ecological.

Zeolite Applications

The properties of natural zeolite are used for many applications and even be an ecological alternative to some chemical products without leaving residues.

Agriculture and Crops

Zeolite absorbs water and nutrients when it rains and slowly releases them as the soil dries out. Among the nutrients they absorb are calcium, nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.

Sewage Treatment

Ion exchange is one of the most used properties for the natural and ecological purification of water. Thanks to this ability, zeolite absorbs bad odours, heavy metals such as arsenic or lead and cations such as zinc, iron and ammonium.

Pool or fish farm filters

An excellent alternative to sand is zeolite in swimming pool filters. Since in addition to filtering particles of up to 5 microns, the water is more pure, due to ion exchange.

Drinking water filtration

Another of the applications that zeolite has is the purification treatment of water so that it is drinkable.

Gas filtration in industry

Zeolite removes moisture, ammonia, bad odors and some toxic particles. Due to these properties, it is ideal for purifying gases from an air flow.

Use of zeolite in Building

In construction it is usually used as a natural pozzolana in the formation of concrete. The structure is stronger and lighter. Since the absorbed moisture is released gently, improving the setting of the concrete.

It is also used as a soil stabilizer for its hygroscopic properties and ability to restore pH.

Animal nutrition

A type of natural zeolite called clinoptilolite is used as a nutritional supplement for animals. Especially to reduce episodes of diarrhea, improve the assimilation of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Human health

As well as its use in animals, it is also used as a food supplement in cases of diarrhea, or absorption of toxins.

As an external use, zeolite is used on the feet to eliminate sweat and bad odors. As in some cosmetics to moisturize the skin and improve its tone.

Benefits of using Zeolite as Cat Litter

The properties of the zeolite allow the cat litter to be more hygienic and healthy for the pet and for the people who live with it.

  • One of the most important reasons is that it prevents the development of bacterias, mould, fungi and parasites that are dangerous for cats and humans.

  • Its excellent drying and odor absorption properties make it a natural deodorant for the environment.

  • It does not clump or form lumps, its granular form remains and the excrement is separated so that it can be removed with a sanitary shovel.

  • Cats have a healthy and natural environment.

  • The environment has a healthier air, without bad smells.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • The waste can be disposed of directly on the ground as plant fertilizer.

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Where can you buy zeolite?

In omnipets you can get quality cat litter with the right advice for each situation.

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